Innovative Casting Auxiliaries
INTOCAST is rated to be one of the world’s top two producers of casting auxiliaries. INTOCAST produces between 40,000 – 50,000 tonnes of continuous casting powders and granules annually at four of its own plants and two plants operating under license. This output covers the continuous casting of 100-120 million tonnes of steel worldwide.

In addition, INTOCAST produces the same amount of ingot casting powders, anti-piping agents, insulating covering powders and synthetic refining slags.

INTOCAST supplies approximately 50% of the all remaining plants that are casting ingots in Western Europe, in particular stainless steel manufacturers.

The secret of success lies in the way INTOCAST uses profound knowledge combined with a detailed analysis of the customer’s processes to create tailor-made, innovative solutions.

To contribute to steel quality and a clean working environment INTOCAST also offers fully automated feeding systems that ensure a steady, dust-free supply of continuous casting powders and granules to the mould, reducing the required manpower on the casting machine.


Experience, Development, Innovation

Since 1979 INTOCAST develops, produces and supplies minerals, refractories and casting auxiliaries. In this context INTOCAST holds a large number of international patents.

With innovative competence and a comprehensive product range, ranking among the best worldwide, customers will always be able to optimise and design their processes and products to be even more efficient.

For the development and the assurance of excellent product quality, INTOCAST utilizes laboratory facilities of state of the art technology.

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