Facts & Figures
We would like to take the opportunity to present and introduce our company, its history, vision and strategies that guarantee our customers the supply of our products at the highest quality now and in the future.

INTOCAST was founded in 1979 by taking over the activities of the company Eugen Schwarz which had supplied the German and European steel industry with products for the iron and steel industry since 1922.

In the course of the last two decades the INTOCAST Group has expanded by conquering market shares with refractory and casting auxiliary products and strategic acquisitions. Today the INTOCAST Group is a global player with eight German and nine foreign offices and production plants, employing approximately 550 staff members worldwide with a consolidated group turnover of approximately 130 million per annum.

The INTOCAST Group is one of the few companies worldwide that manufacture refractory materials, casting auxiliaries as well as metallurgical slag additives, all of which requires extensive research and development, which we place at the customer’s disposal.

INTOCAST’s mission is to provide cost effective products to the market place and assist our customers with continuous development and improvement.

INTOCAST in the long term

Along with continuous development, high quality standards and a firm equity base, it is crucial to have a clear, long-term strategy to ensure the company’s continuous growth and maximise its potential. Bearing this in mind, INTOCAST has the intention to list on the stock exchange.

On the way towards going public, INTOCAST will use opportunities for acquisitions and cooperations to establish strategic alliances with other medium-sized players in order to expand and enhance the activities and the scope of this globally active group of companies. In the long-term, INTOCAST sees itself as an innovative, specialised producer of refractory materials and casting auxiliaries, successfully maintaining and increasing its market share.
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