Performing Refractory Products
INTOCAST refractory products are known for their long service life and reliability. The performance and services of INTOCAST around the application of its products are innovative, competent and flexible.

INTOCAST develops and produces refractories in the form of, unshaped materials and precast shapes at a total of 11 locations worldwide. In order to make our products and technologies available to markets where production facilities are not situated, INTOCAST has licensed its product range to leading Refractory Partners.

INTOCAST procures all shaped refractories whether tempered or fired from accredited suppliers whose products have been approved for many years by the industry. To ensure the high quality and punctual supply of the product, INTOCAST has entered into long term contracts including exclusivity and technical support.

Refractory products supplied by INTOCAST are designed for the following fields of application:

  • the iron and steel industry
  • the foundry industry
  • the non-ferrous metal industry
  • the cement industry
  • the ceramics industry
  • the chemical and petrochemical industry

and in all incinerator plants where processes are carried out at high temperatures.


INTOCAST offers full service

INTOCAST listens to the customer.

In a continuous exchange of ideas and a close cooperation with the customer, solutions are developed in accordance with the specific demands and economically viable applications for refractory materials and casting auxiliaries are introduced.

The goal is to simplify operational processes, continuously lift quality targets and raise cost-effectiveness. INTOCAST offers the customer a wide range of products and services to raise productivity and increase competitiveness. INTOCAST provides a comprehensive range of services from taking responsibility for individual areas up to offering full line services.

As much as offering the customer high quality products and a full range of services, INTOCAST is also in a position to offer professional advice regarding the interactions between liquid iron, steel or ferro-alloy and refractory materials.

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