Assuming Responsibility
Only those who assume responsibility earn the trust of their partners. INTOCAST acts globally and responsibly with both its customers and suppliers benefiting equally, resulting in a sustainable long term high quality standard. It is a main objective for our Research and Development department to ensure this with competence and
innovation now and in the future.

INTOCAST secures resources

In order to achieve this goal INTOCAST’s aim is to influence and control the complete value chain of its products by reintegrating former outsourced processes back into the INTOCAST Group. Main raw materials are purchased direct from audited and accredited producers.

INTOCAST pays its suppliers in third countries a fair price from the factory onwards, irrespective of variable logistic costs, duties or taxes. Strategic partnerships are made with European and regional suppliers on the basis of qualitative and quantitative agreements.

INTOCAST stands for innovation

INTOCAST has a very diverse research and development department, staffed by a highly qualified team. In addition to basic research into the production of new, high-temperature resistant materials for the iron and steel industry, and for the non-ferrous metal industry, INTOCAST is increasingly involved in the development of complex fire-resistant systems for combustion of lignite, for the supply of cement rotary kilns and for complete solutions.

The production of the refractory prefabs required for this takes place in the “Arloffer Thonwerke” - the most modern, fully automated production plant in Europe with an annual capacity of over 30,000 tonnes. Along with this research, INTOCAST continuously improves, in close liaison with their customers, its standard products adapting them to the changing requirements of the customer’s processes.

Our goal is to provide the customer with the best, most cost-efficient product, specially developed for each application.

INTOCAST – when it gets hot intocast